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Here at Omaha Sharpening we are dedicated to the highest quality sharpening and the best customer service! We offer our sharpening services to many Omaha businesses such as Block 16, Amsterdam, and even the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, just to name a few. 


We offer subscription services of recurring sharpenings at intervals from as often as you need to once a year. If this is something your business would benefit from or if you have any questions about this process check out our subscription page or feel free to call us at (402) 206-7131 and we'll be more then happy to talk to you about this hassle-free service!


We sharpen for all kinds of restaurants and ensure that your kitchens run smoothly and efficiently. We understand that restaurants need their knives to be sharp all the time and don't need the hassel of shipping the knives off and it taking days to have them back. That's why we offer entirely mobile service where we come to you to sharpen your knives in under an hour! 



We also sharpen for salons and groomers! Whether its shears or clippers we've got you covered! We do not offer our mobile on site service for salons and groomers yet but we will come to you, pick up the items, and sharpen them in our shop with a turn around time of less then 3 hours. 


Outdoor Services

Whether you are a tree trimming business or a lawn care business we can sharpen chainsaws, mower blades, loppers and almost everything inbetween! We offer totally mobile and same day service for all your outdoor sharpening needs. All we ask is that the blades or chains are removed before hand. 


Retirement home, florists, etc...

Our goal is to help serve the communities sharpening needs so if you are a business with any kind of sharpening needs, chances are we can help you out! If you're worried that we may not be able to sharpen a particular type of blade or tool just give us a call or text a picture to (402) 206-7131. 

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