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Once a Year

If you use your knives every so often, a once a year subscription is a great place to start. 


Twice a Year

Twice a year will keep your knives extra sharp for safer cooking and cleaner cuts. 


Every Quarter

Every quarter will ensure your knives always have a razor sharp edge on them.

Here's how it works.

Since knives become dull with use, we recomend getting your knives sharpened when you notice they are not cutting well. Once a knife becomes dull it will start to tear at the food instead of slicing it. This can cause the knife to slip and become dangerous to the cook. The frequency with which you use your knives and how you care for them will affect how quickly they are dulled. 

On our contact page, you may select any of the subscription options and then submit the form. From there, we will contact you and select a time for the first sharpening then discuss the details of the subscription.  

We also offer gift certificates! Call or text to learn more.

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